About us

Founded in 2020, Zona VI is a Luxury Fashion brand born out of a special friendship. 

The creative directors of the brand Thomi and Andreas met in Milan during their Fashion Design Bachelor Degree, at their then fashion school. 

Their love and passion for fashion, common dreams and goals drove them to take the decision to bring to life everything they have been planning and dreaming since day one. 

The brand’s name was inspired by their second home, Milan, Italy. Milan is divided into 9 main administrative zones. The zone they met, lived for three years and made most of their memories together was zone 6 (Zona Sei di Milano). 

Zona VI is focused on high quality luxury garments and accessories for women and men. Attention to detail, comfort, uniqueness and the importance of how the clothes feel on the body are a few of the company values. The unique color combinations, the playful prints, the garment’s bold shapes are a few of the qualities that make the brand stand out.